Don't let your food waste go to waste! We offer the most environmentally friendly method of collection and treatment in the UK.

  • We collect your food waste separately
  • We supply all the equipment needed to comply with food waste regulations
  • We send it for composting in an anaerobic digestion facility to produce 100% renewable energy
Westminster is market leader in recycling food waste and can help your business with setting up and implementing a tailored, easy to use, cost effective and green solution.

You can use our Food Waste Collection Service to recycle your:

  • Meat and fish leftovers including bones
  • Eggs and all dairy products
  • Vegetables and fruit including any peelings
  • Bread, cake and pastries
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Flowers and floral decorations (not plastic and textile)

How can we help you with your food waste collections? 

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