General waste collections that ensure nothing is sent to landfill.

All of the general waste that we collect is sent to the SELCHP energy recovery facility. Here it is converted into electricity for 50,000 London homes as well as being used for District Heating, which tackles fuel poverty for vulnerable residents. 

  • Since we are a local authority, we do not charge VAT on our services.
  • We can tailor general waste collections to meet your specific requirements.

As a local authority, we are obliged to collect waste from every street in Westminster, so by using our services you will be minimising the amount of waste trucks driving down your street.

We are a market leader in waste and recycling solutions and can help your business with setting up and implementing a tailored, easy to use, cost effective waste management solution.

You have two options to choose from for your waste collections:

General waste bags - they can be easily ordered from our online portal and placed outside your building at the allocated time for collection. They are ideal for businesses that don't have the storage space for containers.

General waste bins - our bins come in a range of sizes and are the preferred way to have your waste collected. 

How can we help you with your general waste? 

  • Order general waste bags now.
  • Send in an enquiry form for us to respond to.